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Summer 2018 Dim Sum

We had our annual summer dim sum outing. Students practiced ordering food in Mandarin with the help of teachers, while parents enjoyed some adult conversation!
Dimsum 20185

Dimsum 20183

NWCS in 2007 – a photo series looking back 50 years












NWCS in 2006 – a photo series looking back 50 years


















NWCS in 2009 – a photo series looking back 50 years

Picture 149

Picture 016

Picture 179

Picture 012

Picture 084

Picture 057

Picture 106

Picture 018

Picture 094

Picture 180

Picture 175

Picture 017

Picture 036

Picture 030

Picture 021

Picture 046

Picture 031

NWCS: Early Registration Reminder 2

Dear NWCS families, 大家好,

Kindly register for next school year if you haven’t yet!!
Also love to hear from you on any feedback or suggestions. Will do our best to make improvements!

Early Registration Rates End on July 15th
Please note that early registration rates end on July 15th. Language class rates are currently $650 for early registration, and will increase to $700 for regular registration starting on July 16th. Electives are $200 for early registration, and $275 for regular registration. Special electives (Coding, SAT, Kung Fu) are not discounted, and will be priced separately. Kindly encourage the students to take these fun electives!! Book/material fees, registration fees, and paypal payment fees are additional, and are posted on the registration site as well.

You can register here. If you have any questions, please contract our registrar, Mr. David Chan, at or me at

Your principal,
Francine M. Fang 方敏

NWCS Spring 2018 Moving Up Day Photos

NWCS moving up 201821

NWCS moving up 201822

NWCS moving up 201819

NWCS moving up 201820

NWCS moving up 201818

NWCS moving up 201817

NWCS moving up 201816

NWCS moving up 201814

NWCS moving up 201815

NWCS moving up 201812

NWCS moving up 201813

NWCS moving up 201811

NWCS moving up 201810

NWCS moving up 20188

NWCS moving up 20189

NWCS moving up 20187

NWCS moving up 20185

NWCS moving up 20186

NWCS moving up 20183

NWCS moving up 20184

NWCS moving up 20182

NWCS moving up 20181

NWCS moving up 20180

Register before 7/15 for early registration discount!

Language class rates are $650 for early registration, and $700 for regular registration (after 7/15). Electives are $200 for early registration, and $275 for regular registration (not including special 1-semester electives – Kung Fu, Coding and SAT).

NWCS Open House on June 9, 2018

Thanks to all the teachers and their students to share their class work. Thanks to the breakfast club and volunteers to showcase the best of the NWCS.

OpenHouse - 1

OpenHouse - 2

OpenHouse - 3

OpenHouse - 4

OpenHouse - 5

OpenHouse - 6

OpenHouse - 7

OpenHouse - 8

OpenHouse - 9

NWCS at Asian Heritage Festival

Many thanks to Ms. Wen-lin Murray and her dance class. Special thanks to chairperson Wei and her family, counselor Kenny, vice principal Rick, and chairperson emeritus Benson’s big tent!

AsianHeritage - 2

AsianHeritage - 12

AsianHeritage - 14

AsianHeritage - 16

AsianHeritage - 18

NWCS Open House on June 9th: Spread The Word

Dear NWCS families,

Wish you all a great Memorial day weekend!!
Reminder that there is no class tomorrow.

Can you all help the school spread the word about our upcoming Open House on June 9th please? Kindly invite friends and families interested in learning Chinese to visit our school (and try some of the yummy snacks from the Breakfast Club). We have the school brochure and open house flyer attached below. Please feel free to distribute them to your local community gatherings like libraries, markets and restaurants. Thanks to our Arts teacher Ms. Terry Taylor, board members Ms. Weifang Lin and Mr. David Quinn for the updates!

Your principal,
Francine Fang 方敏

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