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Chinese painting demonstration on Sep. 30, 2017

NWCS welcomed live demonstration of ​Chinese painting and calligraphy ​(​書畫示範​) from Chinese cultural ambassador, Ms. Yang, from Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

ChinesePainting - 3

ChinesePainting - 5

ChinesePainting - 7

ChinesePainting - 13

ChinesePainting - 14

ChinesePainting - 17

ChinesePainting - 18

ChinesePainting - 22

ChinesePainting - 23

ChinesePainting - 25

ChinesePainting - 26

ChinesePainting - 28

ChinesePainting - 29

ChinesePainting - 31

ChinesePainting - 34

ChinesePainting - 35

ChinesePainting - 36

ChinesePainting - 38

NWCS year end picnic on June 10, 2017

Many thanks to Benson for capturing these memorable moments. IMG_1113



























NWCS at ACS meeting on May 27, 28

I would like to thank our contestants and their mentors, parents and teachers for their strong support. Their performances demonstrated great improvement over a year ago and despite our delegates did not get placed in the top three, I am sure our young students will continue to perfect their delivery in the next year. Our outgoing Vice Principal Mr. Ping-Chuan Wang recorded the following videos for the NWCS community. (Be sure to watch handsome Evan in Irish Kilt) We want to set this as the bar for all our students for future speech contests at our school. As for next year’s contestants, we will need to train them on stage performance and singing.

Our new Principal Ms. Francine Fang and Vice Principal Mr. Rick Chan attended with six other teachers and their families. Our school ran the Multimedia Presentation contest and really learned a lot from watching and judging 14 teams’ presentation – definitely not your usual corporate style. In addition, we also took some pictures of the works from the Poster contest – rich, colorful, 3D architectural pieces. These experiences should serve us well in preparing our teams next year.

Lastly, our Chinese Knotting teacher Ms. Wang’s exhibit and student activity proved to be a highlight for the meeting. Streams of visitors and overflowing class not only make Ms. Wang famous but also get many people curious about NWCS! I have also heard other schools try to recruit Ms. Wang to teach for them!

Heritage – Intermediate, given by Benjamin Chang (張彥斌)

CSL- Intermediate, given by Evan Cross (少士)

Heritage – Advanced, given by Darren Wang (王大霖)

CSL – Advanced, given by Claudia Strollo (司徒曉儀)


NWCS at Asian Heritage Festival on May 20

Many thanks to Ms. Chen and her dance class, Wei (+Liz+Bart), Ms. Wang, Ms. Fang (+志祥), Calvin and Benson’ tent. NWCS has the most animated booth that day with face and hands painting, Chinese knotting and Yo Yo. Ms. Chen’s class with twin performers from the Saw family drew big applauses. Here are some of the photos I took:

2017AsianHeritage - 1 2017AsianHeritage - 2 2017AsianHeritage - 5 2017AsianHeritage - 8 2017AsianHeritage - 12 2017AsianHeritage - 14

CSL Move Up Assessment

Dear CSL parents:

We will be conducting move up assessment at the end of the Spring semester to recommend students who are ready to move up to the next level. The purpose of implementing this assessment is to help students find the most appropriate learning level. The move up assessment is meant to evaluate readiness for the learning material in the next book.

The move up assessment is voluntary when a student feels she or he is ready for the 2017-2018 school year. We do not wish to force a student to go through the assessment until she or he feels prepared. After a student passes the assessment, he or she can attend class at the next level. For Advanced II students, this means they can receive academic achievement diploma at the graduation ceremony.

Students may also request to have move up assessment at the beginning of a semester, say September or February, should she or he catch up the learning level during the break.

The passing score is 60 by weighing two components: 70% from the move up assessment score and 30% from the current semester’s final grade. Please see the example test material from the PDF link below.

Please feel free to ask any questions or discuss with your teachers, Dean or me. Let’s work together to make sure our students learn well at NWCS.

CSL assessment

Open House on May 6

IMG_0753IMG_0754IMG_07572017OpenHouse - 22
2017OpenHouse - 1 2017OpenHouse - 2 2017OpenHouse - 3 2017OpenHouse - 4 2017OpenHouse - 5 2017OpenHouse - 6 2017OpenHouse - 7 2017OpenHouse - 8 2017OpenHouse - 9 2017OpenHouse - 10 2017OpenHouse - 11 2017OpenHouse - 12 2017OpenHouse - 13 2017OpenHouse - 14 2017OpenHouse - 15 2017OpenHouse - 16 2017OpenHouse - 17 2017OpenHouse - 18 2017OpenHouse - 19 2017OpenHouse - 20 2017OpenHouse - 21


We are pleased to announce our Grand Open House at 10 am on May 6. Please invite friends and families interested in learning Chinese to visit our school (plus trying out spring rolls and yummy treats courtesy of Breakfast Club). Come to meet the students, teachers and families of NWCS!

As you know, our school has been providing high quality instruction in Mandarin since 1969. Our passionate and dedicated teachers teach traditional Mandarin, with Heritage and Chinese as a Second Language tracks aimed at achieving the best education goals aligned with expectation. Our pre-school and kindergarten programs give children early exposure to the language and cultural arts. A broad spectrum of electives, food and family events throughout the year enrich students’ mind and taste. As a not-for-profit organization run by volunteering parents, NWCS is able to keep its tuition and fees low, making quality instruction in Mandarin affordable.

We have the school brochure and Open House flyer posted below. Please feel free to distribute them to your local community gatherings like libraries, markets and restaurants. Thanks to our Arts teacher Ms. Terry Taylor, board members Ms. Weifang Lin and Mr. David Quinn for the updates.

Download Open House Flyer

Download NWCS Brochure

Your principal,
Yuan-Chi Chang 張元極

NWCS graduate Rachel Lim at Indian Wells Tournament

IMG_2203 (1)

IMG_2205 (1)

IMG_2217 (1)

IMG_2222 (1)

Photos from Breakfast Club salty finger food bake sale

Thanks to all the NWCS chefs who responded to the challenge of finger food and thanks to all the foodies who enjoyed the challenge!!




Yummy dumpling

Thanks to our wonderful Breakfast Club and all the eager chefs for making dumplings at this grand scale. See the pictures!

2017Dumpling - 12017Dumpling - 4

2017Dumpling - 52017Dumpling - 2

What did 5th graders do during winter break?

Ms. Kuo, our Heritage V teacher, kindly shared with us the winter diaries of her class. Read the diaries if you would like to find out what our 5th graders did during the break. 謝謝郭老師和班上的小朋友!!






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