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Open House on May 6

IMG_0753IMG_0754IMG_07572017OpenHouse - 22
2017OpenHouse - 1 2017OpenHouse - 2 2017OpenHouse - 3 2017OpenHouse - 4 2017OpenHouse - 5 2017OpenHouse - 6 2017OpenHouse - 7 2017OpenHouse - 8 2017OpenHouse - 9 2017OpenHouse - 10 2017OpenHouse - 11 2017OpenHouse - 12 2017OpenHouse - 13 2017OpenHouse - 14 2017OpenHouse - 15 2017OpenHouse - 16 2017OpenHouse - 17 2017OpenHouse - 18 2017OpenHouse - 19 2017OpenHouse - 20 2017OpenHouse - 21


We are pleased to announce our Grand Open House at 10 am on May 6. Please invite friends and families interested in learning Chinese to visit our school (plus trying out spring rolls and yummy treats courtesy of Breakfast Club). Come to meet the students, teachers and families of NWCS!

As you know, our school has been providing high quality instruction in Mandarin since 1969. Our passionate and dedicated teachers teach traditional Mandarin, with Heritage and Chinese as a Second Language tracks aimed at achieving the best education goals aligned with expectation. Our pre-school and kindergarten programs give children early exposure to the language and cultural arts. A broad spectrum of electives, food and family events throughout the year enrich students’ mind and taste. As a not-for-profit organization run by volunteering parents, NWCS is able to keep its tuition and fees low, making quality instruction in Mandarin affordable.

We have the school brochure and Open House flyer posted below. Please feel free to distribute them to your local community gatherings like libraries, markets and restaurants. Thanks to our Arts teacher Ms. Terry Taylor, board members Ms. Weifang Lin and Mr. David Quinn for the updates.

Download Open House Flyer

Download NWCS Brochure

Your principal,
Yuan-Chi Chang 張元極

NWCS graduate Rachel Lim at Indian Wells Tournament

IMG_2203 (1)

IMG_2205 (1)

IMG_2217 (1)

IMG_2222 (1)

Photos from Breakfast Club salty finger food bake sale

Thanks to all the NWCS chefs who responded to the challenge of finger food and thanks to all the foodies who enjoyed the challenge!!




Yummy dumpling

Thanks to our wonderful Breakfast Club and all the eager chefs for making dumplings at this grand scale. See the pictures!

2017Dumpling - 12017Dumpling - 4

2017Dumpling - 52017Dumpling - 2

What did 5th graders do during winter break?

Ms. Kuo, our Heritage V teacher, kindly shared with us the winter diaries of her class. Read the diaries if you would like to find out what our 5th graders did during the break. 謝謝郭老師和班上的小朋友!!






Video from NWCS 2017 Graduation Ceremony and Chinese New Year Celebration

Dear NWCS families and friends,

Many thanks to your support to make the graduation ceremony and Chinese New Year celebration the happiest event! The luncheon was delicious, too!
Our chairman emeritus Mr. Benson Louie and his son Kevin Louie, recorded and edited the recording posted at the following link. Please definitely check it out. If you wish to get the full HD video on a disc, please let us know.This link is unlisted so only those who have this URL can watch it.

Here is the link to the program brochure.


No School on 12/17 due to snow storm

Dear NWCS families,

Our host school has just notified us that the facility will be closing tomorrow, December 17 due to pending snow storm. Our graduation ceremony and Chinese New Year celebration will thus be postponed to January 14, 2017.

I wish you a very happy holiday and prosperous New Year! In case you wish to shop at Amazon, please remember to use our school link to AmazonSmile. :-)

I will see you all in 2017 on January 7!!

Your principal, 
Yuan-Chi Chang 張元極

2016 Thanksgiving potluck

Many thanks to the Breakfast Club and all talented parents to make this wonderful potluck a happy memory!! Special thanks to Kay and Vivian for organizing this event.

Chinese bond through food!!

2016Thanksgiving - 1

2016Thanksgiving - 2

2016Thanksgiving - 3

2016Thanksgiving - 6

2016Thanksgiving - 7

2016Thanksgiving - 8

2016Thanksgiving - 9

2016Thanksgiving - 10

2016Thanksgiving - 11

2016Thanksgiving - 13

2016Thanksgiving - 14

2016Thanksgiving - 15


Derek and Meilee at Calligraphy award ceremony

Calligraphy - 4

Calligraphy - 2

Calligraphy - 6

Calligraphy - 7

Calligraphy - 5

Dumpling making and tasting

Thanks to Breakfast Club for organizing the annual dumpling making event! Yummy!

Dumpling - 1 Dumpling - 2 Dumpling - 3 Dumpling - 4 Dumpling - 5 Dumpling - 6 Dumpling - 7 Dumpling - 8

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