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NWCS Fall 2017 Newsletter – Week 9

Dear NWCS families,
Thank you all for participating in the fire drill! We are grateful to receive guidance from former New York City EMS chief, Mr. MacNeil Cross (aka Evan’s dad), on this exercise. While we successfully completed the evacuation within five minutes, we’ve identified a few areas for improvement in our post drill review. We plan to conduct another drill in the spring to reinforce the school safety and emergency evacuation protocol. 
NWCS students won 1st place and honorable mentions at regional Chinese Calligraphy competition
Congratulations to our high schooler 林詠雯, Rebecca Lim, for winning the 1st  place award in Chinese Calligraphy competition organized by ACS Region 2 schools. Two other entries from 朱莉雅 Juliet Weglarz, and 陳運華 Derek Tan received honorable mentions. The award ceremony will be held in Stamford, CT on November 18. The long winning streak in recent years reflects not only the academic excellence of our students, but also the dedication of our Calligraphy teacher, 沈道茜老師, Ms. Daisy Rose. A sincerely thank you from all of us to you 沈老師!!
NWCS’ Knitting Circle
Thank you Christine and Diane for leading an informal gathering every Saturday for people that are interested in knitting! We posted photos of these smiling knitters and their work online. Clearly knitting makes them happy and please join them to knit for yourself and family.
Your principal,
Francine Fang 方敏

NWCS Fall 2017 Newsletter – Week 8

Dear NWCS families,
Hope everyone had a Happy and Safe Halloween! Thank you all for a successful and festive Halloween bake sale for the school last week! Our school secretary, Mr. Yuan-Chi  Chang, has kindly posted some photos on the school website here
Fire Drill This Saturday
We will have a fire drill from 10:45-11am this Saturday. The teachers will lead the students to the designated meeting area outside during the drill. All adults, including Chorus and Line Dance members will also need to evacuate the school when the alarm bell rings please. Kindly review the attached evacuation plan in advance, so that you are familiar with what your evacuation route is. There will be staff in the corridors to direct you to the right place, but it would be very helpful if you know where to go as well. We are aiming to complete the evaluation in less than 5 minutes so please help us make that happen!
Thank you in advance for your assistance!
Your principal,
Francine Fang 方敏

NWCS 2017 Fall Newsletter – Week 7

Dear NWCS families,

Happy Halloween!! 萬聖節快樂!!

Spootacular costume parade and bake sale

It’s our annual Halloween celebration this Saturday. Everyone is welcome to wear a costume! We will be selling savory and sweet treats to raise money for the school. Kindly support NWCS by buying delicious scallion pancakes and/or other baked goods that our families will be making. To parents who signed up to make treats, thank you and we look forward to eating them all up!

Email distribution

NWCS relies on email communication to families on school news and upcoming activities. If you know people who are not getting this email, kindly have them contact our webmaster at please.

Your principal,

Francine Fang 方敏

NWCS 2017 Fall Newsletter – Week 6

Greetings NWCS families, 大家好,
A few quick reminders about Week 6.
Parent teacher conference
Most classes are having their parent teacher conferences this Saturday. Kindly reserve a time slot with your child’s teachers to exchange feedback. Please also feel free to reach out to any school officers if you have any suggestions for school operations and curriculum. We aim to continuously make improvements but need your inputs and involvement to make them happen!
NWCS’ Knitting Circle
Thank you Christine and Diane for leading an informal gathering every Saturday for people that are interested in knitting! Beginner package is $20 if you are new to knitting (includes needles, yarn, and your first lesson). Donation of $5/week is suggested to raise funds for the school. Please come and join the circle from 9-11am in the cafeteria!
NWCS Chorus
Love singing? NWCS Chorus is welcoming new members. If interested please email or just come to their rehearsals from Saturdays 9:15 -11 AM at Briarcliff Manor Middle School. See NWCS Chorus for more information.
Support NWCS by shopping at AmazonSmile program
Please consider designating NWCS as your charitable organization of choice via AmazonSmile or shop on via website. Thank you in advance for your support!
Your principal,
Francine Fang 方敏

NWCS 2017 Fall Newsletter – Week 5

Dear NWCS families, 

Welcome to Week 5!  Thank you all for keeping up with our classroom etiquette and safety rules!

As a friendly reminder, here is the code of conduct for our school:
1. No food or beverage is allowed in the classroom. 
2. NEVER erase anything left on the whiteboard from Briarcliff Middle School classes. Write on the whiteboard only when instructed by your teachers. 
3. NEVER touch or move any object(s) on the shelves, teachers’ or students’ desks. NEVER open any drawers. 
4. Keep the desks and classroom clean. 
5. NEVER play with window shades, sit on the windowsill, or lean your body out of the window. 
6. NEVER touch circuit breakers, gas valves, or microwave ovens. 
7. When class is in session, students should stay in their classroom. Anyone who does not have class should stay in the cafeteria or designated rooms when the cafeteria is not available. 
8. Do not run, play, or shout in the hallway and stairs. 
9. Cooperate with and pay respect to the teachers, staff and on-duty parents. 
10. No fighting or chatting in the classroom.

Come and Join NWCS’ Knitting Circle
Knitting Circle is a fun way to knit, learn to knit, and to give back to NWCSNY too! Christine and Diane, experienced knitters, will lead an informal group each Saturday from 9-11am. No experience needed, we can get you started knitting and purling. No needles?  No worries! Beginner package is $20, includes needles, yarn, and your first lesson. To raise funds for the school, suggested donation of $5/week buys fellowship and lesson/help with knitting (you are welcome to bring your knitting and join us but please do support our efforts for the school) We can learn to make a scarf, a hat, shawl, even mittens and socks. Be daring! Time to make woolly things to keep your loved ones warm. Come join Christine and Diane in the cafeteria this Saturday!

Harvey students’ visit on Dumpling Day
Thank you all for making last Saturday’s Dumpling Day another great success! Special thanks to our Vice Principal, Mr. Rick Chan, and his wife, Ms. Shufen Kan (also our Heritage VII teacher) for the stuffing and handmade dough. We also welcomed several Harvey students, who came from China to attend high school here, to this culture event. We are grateful for our board co-chair, Mr. David Quinn, and his wife, Diane, for championing this collaboration between the two schools. These Harvey students are looking forward to be part of our community,​ and to assist our students in learning Chinese. We are hopeful for a wonderful start to a great ​partnership. Stay tuned for more!

Your principal,
Francine Fang 方敏

NWCS 2017 Fall Newsletter – Week 4

Dear NWCS families,Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! May the full moon bring you much happiness and success. 祝福中秋佳節快樂,月圓人圓事事圓滿!

Dumpling Day
Our wonderful Breakfast Club and Vice Principal is hosting a dumpling day this Saturday. Please join us for dumpling making in the cafeteria from 9-10am. We aim to have the dumplings cooked and ready for our hungry kids by the 10ambreak time.

Kung Fu elective now available
I am very happy to announce Miss Shannon Louie, NWCS alumna and daughter of our Chairman Emeritus Benson, is returning to teach Kung Fu. For students who have not signed up for an elective and want to get active, please join the Kung Fu class!

Book Signing Event with Dr. Ifay Chang
Dr. Ifay Chang, our esteemed chess teacher, has published his third book “The Changing Giants, The U.S. and China”. He will be at the cafeteria from 10:15-11am this Saturday to sign copies of his book and have a Q&A session with NWCS parents. He has kindly offered to donate $10 to our school for every book purchased. Please stop by and learn something about this timely topic. More details to follow later.

Photos from Chinese painting demonstration online
Many thanks to Ms. Yang from Kaohsiung, Taiwan for her beautiful Chinese painting demonstration last Saturday. The foundation of Chinese painting is built on calligraphy. If interested, please join the calligraphy elective to start an artistic journey. We have posted photos from Ms. Yang’s visit here.

Your principal,
Francine Fang 方敏

NWCS Fall 2017 Newsletter – Week 3

Dear NWCS families,
​Welcome to Week 3! Today, Sep 28,​ is Confucius’s birthday and also teacher’s appreciation day at our school​. Many Chinese cultural traits are deeply ​influenced by Confucius’s teaching​s​​, particularly reverence for educators who​ pass down knowledge​ and morality​​ from generation to generation. When you see our teachers this Saturday, please say thank you ​(謝謝老師​)!
Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Demo​
On Saturday, we will have a ​special guest, Ms. Yang, to ​demonstrate the art of Chinese painting and calligraphy ​(​書畫示範​) in the cafeteria from 9:45-11:15am. Much thanks to our Dean, Ms. Wang, for organizing this event for the school.​

​​Board meeting
​We are having a board meeting this Saturday and would love to hear from you​. ​Please join the board members from 11-11:20am to share your feedback, suggestions or questions for the school.​ Your ​involvement would be much appreciated! School business​ will be discussed​ from 11:20-12noon.
Registration deadline
​Our registration for fall 2017 semester​ ​​is open at​ until​ end of this Saturday.​ ​If you need help​ making changes​, ​kindly contact our registrar, Ms. Shaowei Wu,​ at​ for assistance.

Support NWCS by shopping at AmazonSmile program
Please consider designating NWCS as your charitable organization of choice via AmazonSmile or shop on via website. Thank you in advance for your support!

Your principal,
Francine Fang 方敏

NWCS Fall 2017 Newsletter – Week 2

Dear NWCS families,

多謝大家的幫忙!It was so fantastic to see all the families gathered in the gym and the cafeteria last week. Not only did we welcome back our many continuing families, we also introduced our wonderful school to many new families at the open house. Special thanks to our teachers, board members and staff for a successful start to the school year! If you have any suggestions for future assemblies and open houses, please feel free to let me know!

I am away this Saturday so will not be at the school for Week 2. However, please reach out to Rick Chan (vice principal), David Quinn (board co-chair), HC Wang (school dean) or any other staff member if you need assistance. In the meantime, there are a few things I’d like to share with you:

Registration – Classes and Electives
Classes – As teachers evaluate their classes, there may be some movement from class to class in the first few weeks. We will let families know if any changes are recommended. In addition, if your child(ren) speaks with you about the current level being too difficult or too easy, please let your teacher, Dean, and myself know so that we can assess right away.

Electives – Please encourage your kids to visit and sign up for the enriching electives in the 3rd hour. We often hear back from many students how much they enjoy the fun electives. If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact our registrar, Ms. Shaowei Wu, at ​​

Be A Class Parent – Please volunteer to be a class parent! We are counting on class parents to help communicating between school, families and teacher to ensure needs are expressed and addressed. This can range from things such as homework questions or concerns, to helping with coordinating the new year’s performance.

Email distribution
NWCS communicates over emails on school news and activities. If you know people, especially new families, who are not getting this email, please have them contact our webmaster at

Your principal,
Francine Fang 方敏

NWCS Newsletter: Start of School Welcome 20170912

Dear NWCS families,

歡迎大家來到北威中文學校! We are so happy to have you as part of the NWCS community! This Saturday, September 16th,​​ is the first day of ​Chinese ​school​ for the Fall 2017 semester.​ ​Please ​s​​​ee below for a few important announcements.
Open assembly
We will start school’s opening assembly at 9am sharp in the middle school gym. Kindly remember to pick up a welcome packet for your family which contains important information relevant to the school. Students will meet their respective teachers and then walk to the classrooms together. We aim to have the students in their classrooms by 9:15am after reviewing school safety policy and classroom etiquette. Break as usual is at 10am and our languages classes end at 11 am. All students are encouraged to take or tour the electives from 11am to noon.

​​Open House
We will also hold an open house from 10-11am for prospective families. Here is the brochure for the open house.
​​Extra Credit Homework for all: ​kindly post the open house banner on your facebook, snapshot, or other social media groups you belong to. ​Please also print out copies of the fliers and hang them on public bulletin boards. Help NWCS spread the word!
Be our class parent
Each teacher has been asked to elect a class parent to help with events coordination and school communication chain. Please consider nominating yourself! This school depends on volunteers. Your active participation would be greatly appreciated.

​​Summer homework assignment
In preparation of the first day of class, kindly remind the kids to finish their summer work assignments and review what was learnt last year. For kids that have completed their summer homework assignments, they will be awarded 10 raffle tickets (pending teacher’s verification).

You can find the 2017-2018 school calendar here. If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact our registrar, Ms. Shaowei Wu, at ​​ or me.


​​Buy school supplies and support NWCS by shopping at AmazonSmile program
Please consider designating NWCS as your charitable organization of choice via AmazonSmile or shop on via​ ​NWCS school​ ​website. Thank you in advance for your support!

​​NWCS Chorus
Love singing? NWCS Chorus is welcoming new members. If interested please email or just come to their rehearsals from Saturdays 9:15 -11 AM at Briarcliff Manor Middle School. See NWCS Chorus for more information.

Your principal,
Francine Fang 方敏

NWCS at ACS meeting on May 27, 28

I would like to thank our contestants and their mentors, parents and teachers for their strong support. Their performances demonstrated great improvement over a year ago and despite our delegates did not get placed in the top three, I am sure our young students will continue to perfect their delivery in the next year. Our outgoing Vice Principal Mr. Ping-Chuan Wang recorded the following videos for the NWCS community. (Be sure to watch handsome Evan in Irish Kilt) We want to set this as the bar for all our students for future speech contests at our school. As for next year’s contestants, we will need to train them on stage performance and singing.

Our new Principal Ms. Francine Fang and Vice Principal Mr. Rick Chan attended with six other teachers and their families. Our school ran the Multimedia Presentation contest and really learned a lot from watching and judging 14 teams’ presentation – definitely not your usual corporate style. In addition, we also took some pictures of the works from the Poster contest – rich, colorful, 3D architectural pieces. These experiences should serve us well in preparing our teams next year.

Lastly, our Chinese Knotting teacher Ms. Wang’s exhibit and student activity proved to be a highlight for the meeting. Streams of visitors and overflowing class not only make Ms. Wang famous but also get many people curious about NWCS! I have also heard other schools try to recruit Ms. Wang to teach for them!

Heritage – Intermediate, given by Benjamin Chang (張彥斌)

CSL- Intermediate, given by Evan Cross (少士)

Heritage – Advanced, given by Darren Wang (王大霖)

CSL – Advanced, given by Claudia Strollo (司徒曉儀)


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