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Bake sale and dumpling making on Dec 19, 2015

Most impressive showing of dumpling making. Thanks to all the moms and dads who brought in homemade cupcakes and cookies. This is how NWCS celebrates year end. We are also looking to open an elective for adults in spring on Chinese food cooking. More details to come.




Dumpling1dumpling 0058dumpling 0059dumpling 0060dumpling 0061dumpling 0062

Lion Dance

The Arts & Crafts Class Makes Jade Rabbits

The Arts & Crafts Class made Jade Rabbits 玉兔 to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋節. Arts & Crafts, taught by Ms. Terry Taylor, is one of our most popular electives!

DSC05548  DSC05552  DSC05553DSC05554 DSC05556DSC05551 DSC05549 DSC05550

教師節 / Teacher’s Day


中秋節 / Mid-Autumn Festival


Pictures from the Asian Heritage Festival 5/30/2015

Chinese dance group 3 Chinese dance group 4 Chinese dance group 5 Chinese dance group Chinese dance group 2 IMG_0285 IMG_0279 IMG_0274 IMG_0272

Some pictures from this year’s crafts class

crafts9 crafts1 crafts2 crafts3 crafts4 crafts5 crafts6 crafts7 crafts8

2014 Chinese New Year Celebration

2012 NWCS Graduation and Chinese New Year Celebration

The Pleassantville-Briarcliff Patch sent editor Sarah Studley to cover our festivities.  Click the link below to see the story, pictures and video of our event…

天燈 / Sky Lantern

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