NWCS Chorus – Year End Performance – June 18, 2022, 10:45am – 11:30am

Please come to the school cafeteria on Saturday,  June 18, 2022  at 10:45am for the NWCS Chorus Year End Performance!

NWCS Spring ’22 – Newsletter, Week 12 (06/04/22)

Dear NWCS Families, As we start the month of June, we are heading to the final stretch with only 3 sessions left – including the graduation and year end celebration.  This week, we will host a General Assembly in Briarcliff Middle school cafeteria – 9:20 ~ 9:50 AM.  We cordially invite you to join for

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Chinese Folk Art Demonstration 10/15

Thanks to board members, teachers and parents to make the Taiwanese folk art traveling group’s visit a memorable success!


FolkArts - 28

FolkArts - 9

FolkArts - 25

FolkArts - 2

FolkArts - 32

FolkArts - 1

FolkArts - 31

FolkArts - 30

FolkArts - 4

FolkArts - 3

FolkArts - 34

FolkArts - 27





Strong showing of NWCS team at ACS meeting

Dear NWCS families,

Let us congratulate and thank everyone for the strongest showing of our school at ACS in the past decade (or maybe longer). Our CSL track performed spectacularly with Ryan Thomas winning 1st place and Dakota Fisher-La Plante winning 3rd place, both at speech contests. All our other contestants performed really well. We are all very proud of their achievements. Our Vice Principal, Mr. Ping-Chuan Wang, recorded all of our proud NWCS performance at the ACS meeting. Please contact him should you be interested in getting the original video.

I am especially grateful to all twelve parents and families traveling to central Jersey to attend this event on Memorial Day. Our teachers spent long hours with our kids rehearsing in the past few weeks till 30 mins before the contests. Thank you Ms. Elieen Lee, Ms. Daisy Rose and Dean Ms. Hsuei-Chin Wang. 

2016 ACS Speech Contest – 北威 CSL中年級組: 魚潘喜達

2016 ACS Speech Contest – 北威 傳統中年級組: 王大霖

2016 ACS Speech Contest – 北威 CSL高年級組: 湯凱恩

2016 ACS Speech Contest – 北威 傳統高年級組: 楊德安

2016 ACS Multimedia Contest – 北威 中年級組: 司徒曉儀、少士

2016 ACS Multimedia Contest – 北威 高年級組: 楊得安、張逸文


Our Fantastic Four contestants smiling after the Chinese History and Culture contest (They are happy probably because they learned a lot and the contest was over.)


Our students have the strongest support from their families


A photo with Multimedia and Culture contestant Alan Chang, instructing teacher Ms. Daisy Rose, and Dean Ms. Hsuei-Chin Wang


A photo with Ryan Thomas, CSL track Senior champion and Ms. Eileen Lee, his mom-teacher


Chinese puppet show coming to Flushing on May 22




Michael Liu
Manager of Chinese Community Initiatives
Flushing Council on Culture and the Arts
@ historic Flushing Town Hall
718-463-7700 Ext. 228

Video and Photos from NWCS 2016 Graduation Ceremony and Chinese New Year Celebration

Dear NWCS families and friends,

Many thanks to your support to make the graduation ceremony and Chinese New Year celebration the happiest event! The luncheon was delicious, too!

Our chairman emeritus Mr. Benson Louie and his son Kevin Louie, recorded and edited the recording posted at the following link. Please definitely check it out. If you wish to get the full HD video on a disc, please let us know. (This is the fastest turnaround ever that the CNY video was posted. Kudos to Benson Louie Production Company! )

This link is unlisted so only those who have this URL can watch it.


Below is the link to the program book.


Bake sale and dumpling making on Dec 19, 2015

Most impressive showing of dumpling making. Thanks to all the moms and dads who brought in homemade cupcakes and cookies. This is how NWCS celebrates year end. We are also looking to open an elective for adults in spring on Chinese food cooking. More details to come.




Dumpling1dumpling 0058dumpling 0059dumpling 0060dumpling 0061dumpling 0062

Lion Dance

The Arts & Crafts Class Makes Jade Rabbits

The Arts & Crafts Class made Jade Rabbits 玉兔 to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋節. Arts & Crafts, taught by Ms. Terry Taylor, is one of our most popular electives!

DSC05548  DSC05552  DSC05553DSC05554 DSC05556DSC05551 DSC05549 DSC05550

教師節 / Teacher’s Day


中秋節 / Mid-Autumn Festival


Pictures from the Asian Heritage Festival 5/30/2015

Chinese dance group 3 Chinese dance group 4 Chinese dance group 5 Chinese dance group Chinese dance group 2 IMG_0285 IMG_0279 IMG_0274 IMG_0272

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