Strong showing of NWCS team at ACS meeting

Dear NWCS families,

Let us congratulate and thank everyone for the strongest showing of our school at ACS in the past decade (or maybe longer). Our CSL track performed spectacularly with Ryan Thomas winning 1st place and Dakota Fisher-La Plante winning 3rd place, both at speech contests. All our other contestants performed really well. We are all very proud of their achievements. Our Vice Principal, Mr. Ping-Chuan Wang, recorded all of our proud NWCS performance at the ACS meeting. Please contact him should you be interested in getting the original video.

I am especially grateful to all twelve parents and families traveling to central Jersey to attend this event on Memorial Day. Our teachers spent long hours with our kids rehearsing in the past few weeks till 30 mins before the contests. Thank you Ms. Elieen Lee, Ms. Daisy Rose and Dean Ms. Hsuei-Chin Wang. 

2016 ACS Speech Contest – 北威 CSL中年級組: 魚潘喜達

2016 ACS Speech Contest – 北威 傳統中年級組: 王大霖

2016 ACS Speech Contest – 北威 CSL高年級組: 湯凱恩

2016 ACS Speech Contest – 北威 傳統高年級組: 楊德安

2016 ACS Multimedia Contest – 北威 中年級組: 司徒曉儀、少士

2016 ACS Multimedia Contest – 北威 高年級組: 楊得安、張逸文


Our Fantastic Four contestants smiling after the Chinese History and Culture contest (They are happy probably because they learned a lot and the contest was over.)


Our students have the strongest support from their families


A photo with Multimedia and Culture contestant Alan Chang, instructing teacher Ms. Daisy Rose, and Dean Ms. Hsuei-Chin Wang


A photo with Ryan Thomas, CSL track Senior champion and Ms. Eileen Lee, his mom-teacher


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