NWCS Weekly Newsletter – 3/8

Dear NWCS families:
We have another incident last Saturday reported by our host school about items moved in the classroom and smart board drawn with dry erase markers. I wish to remind and emphasize to everyone that we must respect teachers’ and students’ material and do not eat or drink in the classrooms. Students should not use markers unless they are asked by the teacher. We have been with the Briarcliff Middle School for eleven years and we have been always a welcomed tenant. Let us work together to keep it that way. 
Spring Contest coming up
Like last year, we will be moving up middle to upper grades’ speech and multimedia contests toward the end of this month so we can nominate a strong team to represent NWCS at the annual ACS conference in May. For lower grades, including the happy preschoolers, their speaking contests remain in May. And yes, we plan to hand out trophies to every student who works hard to prepare. At NWCS we are all winners, just some win bigger. :-)
Community news
Lightly-played solid wood/cherry finish Yamaha upright piano for sale, model M450TC, like-new condition, $3,000. This model is discontinued, but is comparable to Yamaha’s M560 which sells for $6,999. Please contact Mrs. Constance Clemmons. 
That’s Mandarin’s Summer Chinese Camp – The Chin children attended this immersion summer camp in July of 2015.  Calvin and his family highly recommend it! Homestay, Day Camps, Family Camps and Chinese Classes only Camps are available to all NWCS students, sign-up today and save 5%. Visit their website www.summercampschina.com
Your principal,
Yuan-Chi Chang 張元極

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