NWCS Weekly Newsletter – 3/15

Dear NWCS families:

It surely feels like we are back in winter. Hope nobody’s back was hurt shoveling snow. Stay warm and safe but do come to school on Saturday.

Mr. Rick Chan to serve as acting vice principal
I wish to announce that our vice principal Mr. Ping-Chuan Wang, who orchestrated graduation ceremony and Chinese New Year performance in the past two years, will be temporarily absent ​from school ​in the next few months. Mr. Rick Chan has kindly agreed to step in and serve as acting vice principal.​ Coincidentally, Mr. Wang’s wife Ms. Huang teaches CSL Intermediate II while Mr. Chan’s wife Ms. ​Kan teaches Heritage III. They are true, dedicated NWCS families whom we fully exploit their good will and labor. :-) Ping-Chuan and Rick, we appreciate and thank you for your services.

What did 5th graders do during winter break?
Ms. Kuo, our Heritage V teacher, kindly shared with us the winter diaries of her class. Read the diaries if you would like to find out what our 5th graders did during the break. 謝謝郭老師和班上的小朋友!! Please see http://www.nwcsny.org/?p=1617

I welcome any form of Chinese writing from our students – diaries, travel journals, stories – on any subject and topic. If you wish to share your child’s work, please send me an electronic copy and I will post it. 

Raffle tickets on sale
We will be selling raffle tickets in the cafeteria. The donated raffle prizes include Amazon Echo (Hello Alexa), Saks Fifth Avenue, Starbucks, CVS gift cards and more. To those who have been feeling lucky (who isn’t?), this is your chance to grab many prizes and help our school.

Your principal,
Yuan-Chi Chang 張元極

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