NWCS Weekly Newsletter – 3/22

Dear NWCS families:

Week 5 is coming up this Saturday. If you haven’t spoken to your teacher, please make an appointment to discuss your kid’s learning progress. I would also highly recommend students who wish to practice more speaking and listening to join our wonderful tutors at 11 am at Room 111. Speaking and listening will be an integral part of proficiency assessment at the end of this semester. If your kids are here to learn Chinese, we want them to speak and speak well.

Calling for volunteers at ACS conference
As you know, our school is part of the second region of the Association of Chinese Schools responsible for organizing and running the 2017 annual event in Hartford, CT on May 27 and 28. We are responsible to run the Multimedia student contest, the vendor display tables, the student activity program and the trophies. While our teachers are busy attending education sessions to improve their teaching, it is up to the rest of us to help running the program. I expect the Multimedia contest in particular to encounter all the usual techie challenges including projection, sound track, cables and laptop settings, etc. If you would like to help out, please let me or Mr. Rick Chan know so we can include your family in the hotel list. Yes, we do need to book the rooms before the reserved lot at Hilton Hartford runs out.

Yummy dumpling a great success
Thanks to our wonderful Breakfast Club and all the eager chefs for making dumplings at this grand scale, likely a record in Westchester if not in New York. I have posted some photos here http://www.nwcsny.org/?p=1635.
My only plead is next time we hold the event, we need to reserve some of our teachers. It was like by 10:40 (!), the trays were all clean and washed up already. Thank you for supporting the school but let’s not forget about our teachers.

Your principal,
Yuan-Chi Chang 張元極

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