NWCS Weekly Newsletter – 4/1

Dear NWCS families,

Our host school’s PTA ​is postponing the​ 5K run ​to​ April ​2nd due to rain and cold.

​We will however, keep the 8:30 am start but we can use our regular parking area.​​

Breakfast Club salty finger food bake sale on April 1
Vivian told me to emphasize the point that it is salty finger food, not sweet finger food. The belief is salty finger food does not cause cavities. :-)
This is also not an April Fool’s prank. So prepare $5 and lick your fingers.

April 8th clarification – we have school!!!
Due to a website error, the old calendar with the wrong Easter Break date of April 8th was still online. The correct Easter Break date is April 15th and was corrected on October 1st and uploaded but not readily accessible. As a result, some families have made plans to be away, so we will ask teachers to allow for make up Midterm exams when we come back on 4/22.


Your principal,
Yuan-Chi Chang 張元極

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