NWCS Weekly Newsletter – 5/3

Dear NWCS families, 
We are holding Open House this Saturday, with spring rolls and yummy treats from Breakfast Club to show off the benefit of studying at NWCS. Hope you are excited as I am to welcome and introduce our wonderful school to perspective families. We will also be opening fall registration that day. 
Classroom conduct
I would like to remind all students not to touch or move any properties in the classroom, besides using the desks and chairs. Smart boards, TVs, and teacher’s chair and desk are forbidden for any use. Except for preK and kindergarten students, food and drinks are not permitted in the classroom. Walk, do not run in the hallways. Our counselors have been taking photos before and after class to make sure we restore the classroom and seating arrangement after use. These photos also tell us if any items other than desks and chairs were moved. We are leasing the space from the Briarcliff school. We must respect properties of Briarcliff teachers and students who graciously share these classrooms with us.  
Trophies, trophies
We will be conducting the final round of speech contests this Saturday. If your kid missed the scheduled contest, encourage him or her to submit a video recording. Trophies will only be given to students who participated in the contest. I am also happy to bump any honorable mentions to the 3rd place upon parent’s request. I would like to send a positive encouragement to every student who made a genuine effort to prepare and practice. 
Our Heritage I and dance teacher Ms. Wen-lin Murray, is very environmentally conscious and proposed to recycle old trophies for redistribution. Ms. Murray’s son and daughter have done very well in the past years and collected many trophies. The trophies can be cleaned and put on new name plates instead of going into the dumpster. If you or your kids wish to donate trophies so we can recycle and give them out, please let me know. If you would like to help with the recycling, please let me know also. 

Your principal,
Yuan-Chi Chang 張元極

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