NWCS 2017 Fall Newsletter – Week 5

Dear NWCS families, 

Welcome to Week 5!  Thank you all for keeping up with our classroom etiquette and safety rules!

As a friendly reminder, here is the code of conduct for our school:
1. No food or beverage is allowed in the classroom. 
2. NEVER erase anything left on the whiteboard from Briarcliff Middle School classes. Write on the whiteboard only when instructed by your teachers. 
3. NEVER touch or move any object(s) on the shelves, teachers’ or students’ desks. NEVER open any drawers. 
4. Keep the desks and classroom clean. 
5. NEVER play with window shades, sit on the windowsill, or lean your body out of the window. 
6. NEVER touch circuit breakers, gas valves, or microwave ovens. 
7. When class is in session, students should stay in their classroom. Anyone who does not have class should stay in the cafeteria or designated rooms when the cafeteria is not available. 
8. Do not run, play, or shout in the hallway and stairs. 
9. Cooperate with and pay respect to the teachers, staff and on-duty parents. 
10. No fighting or chatting in the classroom.

Come and Join NWCS’ Knitting Circle
Knitting Circle is a fun way to knit, learn to knit, and to give back to NWCSNY too! Christine and Diane, experienced knitters, will lead an informal group each Saturday from 9-11am. No experience needed, we can get you started knitting and purling. No needles?  No worries! Beginner package is $20, includes needles, yarn, and your first lesson. To raise funds for the school, suggested donation of $5/week buys fellowship and lesson/help with knitting (you are welcome to bring your knitting and join us but please do support our efforts for the school) We can learn to make a scarf, a hat, shawl, even mittens and socks. Be daring! Time to make woolly things to keep your loved ones warm. Come join Christine and Diane in the cafeteria this Saturday!

Harvey students’ visit on Dumpling Day
Thank you all for making last Saturday’s Dumpling Day another great success! Special thanks to our Vice Principal, Mr. Rick Chan, and his wife, Ms. Shufen Kan (also our Heritage VII teacher) for the stuffing and handmade dough. We also welcomed several Harvey students, who came from China to attend high school here, to this culture event. We are grateful for our board co-chair, Mr. David Quinn, and his wife, Diane, for championing this collaboration between the two schools. These Harvey students are looking forward to be part of our community,​ and to assist our students in learning Chinese. We are hopeful for a wonderful start to a great ​partnership. Stay tuned for more!

Your principal,
Francine Fang 方敏

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