NWCS Spring 2018 Newsletter – Week 10

Dear NWCS families,

In case you missed the earlier email update from today, class will start at 9am as usual on May 19th. The Color Run event has been moved to Sunday.

Speech Contest and Trophies
We will be conducting the last round of speech contests this Saturday. If a student missed the scheduled contest, please submit a video recording. Please note that trophies will be given to top 3 students in each class. We may award additional trophies upon teacher’s request as well. We want to send a positive encouragement to every student who made a genuine effort to prepare and practice!

Open House on June 9th
NWCS will be holding an Open House on Saturday, June 9th. I want to thank Mr. David Quinn, our co-board chair, for leading our media effort to invite families who are interested in learning Chinese to join us. Once we have post the flyer and brochure on the school website, I will ask for your help to spread the word!

See you on Saturday!

Your principal,
Francine Fang 方敏

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