NWCS Spring 2019 Newsletter – Week 14

Dear NWCS families, 大家好,

End of School Celebration
This Saturday is the last day of this school year. There will be no elective classes in the third hour. We will be celebrating with some yummy snacks, drinks and food at 11am in the cafeteria instead. Parents, please remember to bring the goodies to share with everyone!

Registration for Fall 2019
Registration is open for Fall 2019! Reminder that we are offering an early registration discount of $50 per student if registered before July 15th. There is also a $30 discount per additional sibling. Kindly note that early registration discount will only be honored if the tuition is paid in full by 7/15 (postmarked on or prior to that date if mailing a check).
You can register here. If you have any questions, please contract our registrar, Mr. David Chan, at registrar@nwcsny.org or me at principal@nwcsny.org
Thank You to NWCS Teachers and Staff for a wonderful 2018-2019 school year!
I want to thank all the teachers and staff members for their dedication and hard work this year!! You are the heart and soul of this school and community. This Saturday marks the end of my two-year term as principal. I am happy to announce that Rick Chan, our current vice principal, will be taking over the role next year. I will continue to serve the school next year as vice principal (yup, we’re switching roles). If you are interested in being co-vice principal with me, please let me know!

Being NWCS’ principal has been a source of great personal fulfillment for me over these last 2 years. I wanted to give back to the school that I had attended as a child, celebrate our 50th anniversary, and help moving our school forward. With everyone’s help, I feel we were successful in doing so. Perhaps some of today’s students will also pay it forward one day by becoming a school leader when they are grown up too!

Wish you all a great week and summer ahead!

Best Regards,

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