NWCS Spring’20 – Newsletters – Week 3

Dear NWCS Families,

Hope you are doing well. With a lot of information passing through about virus outbreak at any media outlets, we all have to exercise extra caution when going to public places. We took extra time to plan our first web learning session this Saturday. We will start our web classroom at 9:00 AM on 3/14/20. Please have your kids ready and situated in your home before class time. Below are the web platforms for our classes. Please follow each teacher’s web learning instruction to join the remote class. For those classes using ZOOM, first time user will be asked to download and install ZOOM software. For elementary school classes, we recommend parents’ assistance to join the web class.

Class teacher will share with you about web class meeting ID (10-digit number for ZOOM) or Google Meet/Hangouts web link. If you don’t receive such information by midday on Friday, please contact your class teacher and request meeting information.

We expect some issues and delays from technology connection. If you are familiar with video conferencing, please join your class teacher to help with the connection. If any questions regarding this try out session, please contact your teacher or reach out to school management members.


Best Regards,
Rick Chan 詹文芳

NWCS Principal

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