NWCS Spring ’20 – Newsletter – Week 9 – Online Speech Contest on 5/9/20 & 5/16/20

Dear NWCS Families,
As the weather gets warmer, I miss outdoor activities and the interaction with friends and everyone from Chinese school.  I hope everyone is staying safe and doing well during this tough time.
We set the date to host a two-week speech contest on 5/9/20 and 5/16/20.  Participation in this contest is mandatory for every student.  Teachers have been working with students to choose a topic and practice.  Please encourage your kids to practice their speech.  If additional assistance is needed, please feel free to reach out to teachers for more practice.
Since this contest will be conducted online, we are looking for volunteers to be a judge.  If you are fluent with Mandarian and have extra device from home to access internet, I really appreciate your support to be one of the judges.  I am looking for 12~18 volunteers for 14 different classes with 3 judges per class.  Please send me a separate email by the end of this week to join the judging panel. 
Best Regards,
Rick Chan 詹文芳

NWCS Principal

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