NWCS – 2020/2021 Announcement and Calendar

Dear NWCS Families,
Hope this letter finds you resting, relaxing and enjoying plenty of special family time this summer.  To prepare the new school year opening, we have decided to stay online learning via ZOOM or Google Meet this fall semester and reassess in spring.  At this present time, the information I have gathered from Briarcliff School District is to prepare “full” in-person re-opening in the middle school.  After consulting with some family members and teaching staff, we think it’s safer to remain virtual learning.
First day of fall semester will be 9/12/20.  If you have not enrolled, please take a few moments to register at NWCS web site and help us spread the words.  As announced before, starting this year, 3rd hour culture class fee (exclude handling /material fee) will be included in the regular tuition with the exception of SAT Prep and Coding class.  We are still working to add more culture classes in the offering list.  Due to the limitation of online learning, we may change the format for 3rd hour elective or rearrange students to participate in different classes.  For example, calligraphy most likely will be conducted as a penmanship program.
- For Kung Fu class, we will have an instructor, who is ranked 3rd place in TKD nationally and 1st in NY state, to teach students self defense and personal fitness.  Who wants to be in?!
- We are very pleased to invite our long time NWCS friend, Terry Taylor, back to teach our kids sewing/craft class.  Her class was well received by many of our students.  When enrolling this class, material lists will be communicated and purchased by parents in advance.  This class has been added to NWCS registration list recently.

Best Regards,
Rick Chan 詹文芳

NWCS Principal

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